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To help during the COVID-19 crisis, Secured Communications is making its communications platform immediately available at no cost during the crisis to assist state and local government agencies.


The immediate goal is to assist agencies in getting the right information to the right officials and stakeholders quickly and efficiently while agencies at all levels coordinate their response efforts.

Secured Communications is an enterprise system for secured encrypted messaging, voice, conferencing and file sharing via online and mobile connectivity.


This is a trusted private network vetted and used by public safety professionals and public safety agencies worldwide.


If your agency is interested, please contact:

  • Bruce Lazarus, Chief Global Operations Officer
  • Email: bruce@securedcommunications.com
  • Phone: 650.296.3606

For Information, Demo or Agency Deployment

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Secured Communications For Public Safety Agencies



Secured Communications For Crisis Communication





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Does your agency need a secure way to text, call, and share critical information and documents? If so, we are ready to help you at no cost today to get your agency up and running to meet your immediate secure communication needs.


In this critical time for public safety, agencies should not have to worry about how secure their communications are, and especially when relating to patient health information. Therefore, we are offering immediate free access to Secured Communications and will get your agency up and running within 24 hours.


Our solution provides secure voice and data messaging, including texting, secure file sharing, and secure audio and video calls, all fully encrypted all the time. During this critical response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure public safety is able to fully communicate and share critical data with everyone in their agency as well as the agencies they interact with seamlessly and without worry.


We support android and apple devices and provide access to our web-based command console to commanders, dispatchers, and administrators to easily manage all users and communications over the platform.

SC Platform Immediately Available to AGENCIES at No Cost

SC has direct application for use during the COVID-19 crisis to help provide secure inter and intra agency crisis response coordination & communication.


Immediate Applications:

  • Ability to Broadcast - Information, updates and instructions
  • Official Content - Provide official content and information to responders
  • Reliability - Connectivity with all stakeholders all the time


Inter-agency Participation:

  • Statewide public health agencies / county public health coordination
  • Law enforcement, Fire and EMS at all levels of coordination
  • State and local emergency management coordinators
  • Critical infrastructure partners (utilities, telecom, transportation, major employers, etc.)


Information Sharing (Statewide or County by County):

  • Statewide case updates
  • Mitigation and containment actions
  • Public guidance and directives

A Complete SYSTEM for secured Messaging, Voice, Conferencing and more…

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